15 April 2021,   06:59
The study of patients with post COVID syndrome starts today

The study of patients with post COVID syndrome starts today. According to the Director General of Infectious Diseases, AIDS and Clinical Immunology Research Center, actual numbers of coronavirus survivors substantially exceed those registered worldwide.

“Randomly selected citizens will be tested for COVID-19 antibodies, with test results showing the precise number of people in Georgia having beaten the novel virus. The test results will reveal, in addition to 272 000 former coronavirus patients, how many people have recovered from the virus.

When we say that around 60-65% must be vaccinated, we cannot say precisely, but we imply that by this time, 15-20% will have beaten the virus, with these percentage added to the previous 60-65%, and we will have 80% immunity. This is already enough to defeat the pandemic. Some separate cases will still be confirmed, but we will already beat them easily”, - explained Tengiz Tsertsvadze.