15 April 2021,   05:41
Balcony railing collapses during clash in Martvili diocese, representatives of media injured

Several journalists and cameramen were injured during a meeting between clergy and parishioners in the Martvili and Chkondidi dioceses.

During a clash, the balcony railing collapsed and media representatives to fall from a height of several meters.

Representatives of Rustavi 2, Formula, TV Pirveli and Pos TV received various injuries.

A meeting between metropolitan Stephane and the clergy is underway at the residence of the Chkondidi diocese. The meeting is attended by two deacons who were banned from priesthood. At the same time, part of the parish is gathered in Chkondidi diocese. They have questions with the newly appointed metropolitan Stephane, who forbade two clergymen from the diocese to participate in the priesthood.