17 April 2021,   09:17
My visit to Georgia was eye opening, to say the least - Charles Michel

The President of the Council of Europe writes about his visit to Georgia. Charles Michel expresses concern about the ongoing political crisis and polarization in the country.

“My visit to Georgia was eye opening, to say the least.

The Administrative Boundary Line in South Ossetia was a proof that the EU’s presence is sometimes more than necessary, it is a lifeline of hope in a region that needs some. Barbed wire fences divide families, prevent children from going to school. This is unacceptable.

I can firmly reaffirm the EU’s support to the territorial integrity of Georgia.

The political crisis and polarisation in the country is of the deepest concern to the EU and to me personally. Nevertheless, I sensed today in all political actors the willingness to discuss, to move forward, to break the deadlock. After meeting all parties, I convened a meeting that led to a spontaneous and open debate, with everyone sitting at the same table. The EU’s priority has always been the protection of the interests of the Georgian citizens, and we know the work that remains to be done. Tonight I am proud because a good step, an important step in the right direction has been taken.

I decided to hold the EU-Georgia Association Council in Brussels in mid-March. It will be a rendez-vous in order to observe what progress has been made on the different difficult topics.

Thank you Georgia for the warmest welcome!”,- writes Charles Michel.