17 April 2021,   10:24
President was very clear that there is a concern in Europe about the current political crisis - Carl Harzell

EU Ambassador to Georgia Carl Harzell evaluated the visit of the European Council President Charles Michel to Georgia.

“A lot of energy went in talks about the current political situation. He was very clear that there is a concern in Europe and he is personally concerned about the current political crisis. The President tried during his visit to eject new impetus into the process. He has taken his personal role, and offered his personal role in reenergizing, reloading the political dialog.

Apart from that, he had the opportunity, which was very valuable to me and him, to visit the Administrative Boundary Line with South Ossetia to see firsthand what the situation looks in the divided villages, what are the humanitarian aspects that people are facing challenges.

He also had the chance to see some of the local population. I think it made a strong impression on him on reinforcing the well-known EU position with regard to these conflicts and needs to advance on them, also the important role of the EUMM that it is playing on a daily basis when it comes to not only security in the area but also facilitating some of these economic hardships”, - said Carl Hartzell.