15 April 2021,   05:34
The delay in the introduction of the vaccine is not related to the technical readiness of the country - Tamar Gabunia

The rumors that the delay in the introduction of the COVID-19 vaccine in Georgia is due to the lack of readiness of the country are not valid. Such a statement made today Tamar Gabunia, the Deputy Minister of Health.

“In the case of AstraZeneca, Georgia has gone through the stage of a liability insurance contract. The readiness of the regulator that “AstraZeneca” imported into the country will be registered was also expressed.

The same steps are to be taken with Pfizer. While we were expecting the Pfizer vaccine to enter the country in mid-February, after intermediate communications, Covax informed us that Pfizer had additional requirements. It has nothing to do with Georgia’s technical readiness to receive the vaccine and is related to the financial reinsurance of liability, the details of which Covax could not provide in a letter dated February 23”, - explained Tamar Gabunia.