04 March 2021,   00:46
Girchi lists topics to be discussed at fifth round of talks with the Government

Girchi listed the topics to discuss with the ruling team ahead of the fifth round of negotiations.

The main issue of their proposal is related to the self-government elections. The party questions whether the local elections result could be the ground for calling early parliamentary elections in 2022.

Among the other topic, opposition demands the release of political prisoners, though the ruling team denies their existence.

Girchi believes this demand is negotiable if other requirements are met, similar to the March 8th agreement.

Another issue is the reform of the Central Election Commission. The proposal includes a change in the management appointment and staffing election commission from the political parties.

Girchi also offers modern technology to avoid election fraud and the non-stop video recording of precinct perimeter and vote-counting process.

Electoral system reform is yet another topic. Girchi believes the proposal significantly improves the current legislation. Snap elections before 2024 and next parliamentary elections after 2024 will be held with a fully-proportional system and with a threshold below 5%.