27 November 2020,   15:51
According to the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the identified person is Badri Esebua

The Ministry of Internal Affairs officially confirmed the identity of the person who attacked the Bank of Georgia branch in Zugdidi.

“Despite the official statement issued by the Ministry of Internal Affairs on October 25 of the current year and callings, some media sources uncovered the information and photos of the person identified as the attacker on the “Bank of Georgia” branch in Zugdidi, before the official confirmation from the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

Once again, we would like to call on everyone that dissemination of information regarding such a grave crime on purpose, in parallel with intensive operative activities, undermines the investigation process, ongoing and planned police measures.

As part of the society is already aware of the attacker’s identity, the Ministry of Internal Affairs publishes information regarding him.

As a result of the complex investigative-operative and search activities carried out by the police, the person involved in the attack is identified as: Badri Esebua, born in 1988. Police forces actively continue special operative, investigative and search operations to determine his whereabouts for his detention.

Investigation is in progress on the fact of the act of terrorism, taking hostages for terrorist purposes and illegal purchase, keeping and carrying of firearms - crimes envisaged under the articles 323, 329 and 236 of the Criminal Code of Georgia”, - reads the statement of the MIA.