30 November 2020,   12:48
Restaurants to close from 22:00 in Mtskheta – Natia Mezvrishvili

According to the government’s decision, restaurants in Mtskheta will be closed from 22:00. Such a statement made today the Head of the Government administration, Natia Mezvrishvili, after the meeting of the Interagency Coordination Council.

“Restaurants will be closed in Mtskheta municipality from 22:00. The same regime that we have in other parts of the country will be activated. Unfortunately, there were such facts reported that have a negative impact on the epidemiological situation. When we closed the restaurants from 22:00, it was based on a specific logic.

We ask you to follow the decisions and recommendations made by the government as much as possible. We should refrain from such activities. In addition, in general, we should refrain from participating in unnecessary events”, - said Natia Mezvrishvili.