24 October 2020,   16:03
Enzel Mkoyan’s statements are not true - the Investigative Service

Due to the high public interest, regarding the statements of Enzel Mkoyan and the video material released by him during the past days, Investigation Service of Ministry of Finance of Georgia clarifies, that on the basis of the statement of the citizens, an investigation under the first parts of Articles 180 and 218 of the Criminal Code of Georgia has been initiated against one of the gas companies, operating in the Samtskhe-Javakheti region. Crime implies the misappropriation of another’s property for the purpose of unlawful appropriation and the deliberate evasion of large amounts of tax.

Regarding the statements, where the investigation is discussed in a political context, as if the initiation of an investigation by the Investigation Service of Ministry of Finance of Georgia is related to the forthcoming elections, is not true. Once again we note, that investigation on the case was initiated on the basis of a collective statement of the citizens. In order to determine the factual circumstances necessary for clarifying the situation of the case, on the basis of the court decision only the relevant documents and not the computer equipment have been seized, neither no other forms of criminal procedural coercion was carried out, that would hinder the company to continue its activities and supply gas to the population.

We also note, that upon completion of the above-mentioned investigative activities, one of the heads of the company confirmed the protocol by signing, that the seizure of the documents will not hinder the activities of the company.