23 October 2020,   10:00
The cause of Tamar Bachaliashvili’s death must be drug intoxication - the Prosecutor’s Office

The Georgian Prosecutor’s Office has officially concluded that drug intoxication was the cause of the death of 23-year-old IT specialist Tamar Bachaliashvili. According to them, the drugs were swallowed, not injected, and repeated that her body had not suffered any physical injuries.

“Within the framework of the ongoing investigation, the Levan Samkharauli National Forensics Bureau received chemical-toxicological, chemical, biological (genetic, serologic), and trasological conclusions. The conclusion of the forensic medical examination of the Bureau is also known.

Bachaliashvili left her home early on July 18 and the same day (at about 12:13 a.m.) she reached the location in Tetritskaro municipality where her body was found on July 22. The location was random as she was looking for no definite locations on Google.

Bachaliashvili’s body does not show any signs of mechanical damage, including traces of injection. According to the chemical-toxicological examination, the ratio of distribution in the organs of medicines found in the biological objects taken from the body of Bachaliashvili is typical to oral consumption of substance and not to injection. The drugs could enter Bachaliashvili’s gastrointestinal tract only by the esophagus and not by injection.

Traces of adrenoceptors and histamine receptor blockers were found in a drop of water left in the bottle of Bakuriani taken from her car. Depending on the medicine in tablet form, a suspension is obtained in their liquid, including when mixing it in water. In this case, the liquid will not be transparent and colorless, which means the fluid has medicine in it. As a result of chemical analysis, these substances were found not in the form of traces, but larger quantities.

Besides, there is footage in which Bachaliashvili speaks about the possibility of committing suicide in a forest (she used to record videos and post on Youtube). The video is hard to watch and reflects the complicated psychological condition of Bachaliashvili”, - reads the statement of the Prosecutor’s Office.