23 October 2020,   09:02
Navalny’s team claims he was poisoned through water bottle found in hotel

Alexei Navalny, who was allegedly poisoned by the Russian authority, has claimed that he was poisoned in his hotel room, and not on the airport.

Navalny had stayed at a hotel in the Siberian city of Tomsk. It has now been revealed by his team that the nerve agent used to poison him has been found on an empty bottle that was present in the hotel. This theory has backtracked the earlier belief that he was poisoned at the airport.

The bottle was collected by his team from his hotel room an hour after they heard the news about their leader falling sick. The video was posted on social media platforms by his team reading, “It was decided to gather up everything that could even hypothetically be useful and hand it to the doctors in Germany. The fact that the case would not be investigated in Russia was quite obvious”, - reads the post.

The video shows the date of August 20, 2020. In the video his team can be seen picking up things from the room, and more than two empty water bottles were spotted in the video. These bottles were later checked.

“Two weeks later, a German laboratory found traces of Novichok precisely on the bottle of water from the Tomsk hotel room. And then more laboratories that took analyses from Alexei confirmed that that was what poisoned Navalny. Now we understand: it was done before he left his hotel room to go to the airport”, - said the post.