11 August 2020,   20:30
Police detained two persons for armed robbery and non-reporting the crime

Police detained previously convicted and currently on probation M.L. (DoB 1990) for armed robbery and A.Sh. (DoB 1990) for non-reporting the crime in Tbilisi.

Investigation established that on June 25, 2020 M.L. committed armed assault in Ponitchala branch of the “Bank of Georgia” as a result of which illegally appropriated 18 168 GEL under the pressure of the firearm.

In the course of search activities held in detainee’s apartment police officers seized 2300 GEL, while as a result of the search held in vehicle owned by A.Sh. law enforcers detected an object resembling a firearm, which according to the witness- N.A. was handed over to A.Sh. by M.L after committing armed robbery.

During the search held in the apartment of N.A (witness) police has also seized various medications. According to N.A. medications were appropriated by M.L. from one of the drug store after committing the armed robbery on June 20 and handed over to him for storage.

Investigation is in progress on the fact of armed robbery and failure to report the crime, crime envisaged under the article 179 III part and article 376, III part of the Criminal Code of Georgia.