18 September 2021,   21:56
A permit for hotels and accommodation facilities - new regulations in the tourism sector

The standards and regulations that all entities operating in the tourism sector will have to satisfy will be announced today.

Special preventive measures were developed with the active involvement of the private sector, based on the recommendations issued by the World Health Organization and epidemiologists.

Hotels and accommodation facilities will only be allowed to resume operation once they have been inspected and the Labor Inspection has checked their compliance with the established regulations.

Requirements pertaining to the transportation of tourists were developed as well, after the due consideration of the opinions of business entities. According to the regulations, forms of transportation intended for tourists must not operate at more than 50% of their maximum capacity.

As regards the restaurant business, special attention will be paid to social distancing. The distance between tables has been set at two meters, while no more than six people will be permitted to sit at one table; a mandatory distance of one meter must be maintained between guests.

Negotiations on safe corridors were also discussed during the working meeting. It was noted that talks with Israel, Austria, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, and the Baltic States are in an active phase in this regard.

The Prime Minister of Georgia instructed the relevant agencies to do their best to ensure the effective implementation of all preventive measures, which are aimed at protecting the health of both the citizens of Georgia and international visitors.