21 October 2020,   06:24
The anti-crisis plan of the development sector includes all social groups and helps to maintain jobs – the Prime Minister

The anti-crisis plan of the development sector includes all social groups and helps to maintain jobs. Such a statement made the Prime Minister, while presenting the anti-crisis plan for supporting the property development industry.

“It is an absolutely reasonable, prudent step to dedicate the 4th anti-crisis program to the sector of construction and development, and this assistance does not apply only to construction and development-this assistance applies to all our citizens. Of this, it will be assistance with liquidity meeting direct demand for construction companies. I absolutely must single out the City Hall"s program we plan to expand to cover the whole country. This program involves concrete concessions on construction permits issued prior to 2013. Nine projects have already been reviewed and approved to help about 3 500 families, with more than 30 more projects pending. These are citizens who, in the course of the past 10 years, have been paying and waiting for their living conditions to improve, to have places of their own. And that is especially relevant in light of the worsening post-2018 crisis situation and construction companies in crisis. 25 000 Georgian citizens signed 25 000 mortgage contracts in 2019-2020, those related to apartment complexes still under construction. Of course, the Government will see to it that these projects are finalized and these citizens, unlike in the 2018 crisis, do not end up in the streets.

It is an extremely important step. It may not be an ideal program, but it is the most optimal step by the standards of our economy and its development. It maximally covers all social strata, those who already have or will assume mortgage-related contractual obligations, also our refugees, and the program is designed maximally to contribute to keeping jobs, our key goal. Now we are considering our next anti-crisis plan, most likely healthcare. Our healthcare system requires significant support from the state”, - concluded Giorgi Gakharia.