23 October 2020,   00:51
The fight for the country’s unity and independence is still in progress – Giorgi Gakharia

It is a great honor to have the opportunity to congratulate our citizens today, May 26, the Prime Minister of Georgia stated at the event dedicated to the Independence Day of Georgia in Vaziani. 

According to Giorgi Gakharia, May 26 is a day “of top importance” in Georgian history, which specified the country’s orientation. The Head of the Government added that the fight for Georgia’s unity and independence is still in progress. 

“I wish to congratulate each Georgian, each citizen of Georgia, our expatriates living overseas, our Abkhaz and Ossetian brothers with the Independence Day, having a strong belief that we will succeed in building our country, in shaping a prosperous state. I wish to particularly congratulate each soldier, who is nowadays bringing fame to our country through peace missions by ensuring the global security and thus contributing to the future development and security of their homeland. We are all fighting against the global pandemic together. We should all remember the role plaid by the Georgian army in the successful management of the pandemic together with our citizens. We all managed to localize and effectively manage the risk together.

When the National Council passed the Independence Act 102 years ago, it has led many future generations to fight for the independence of the country. A lot of labor and effort has been contributed, while many sacrificed their lives in this fight.

Every generation fought for the freedom and independence of Georgia. Every generation has had its heroes. We should pay greatest tribute to these heroes and remember their names. Georgia is independent today and it is great merits to our heroes, however our contribution should lead to the successful and effective statehood. Georgian army has a tremendous role to play nowadays in achieving this mission. Today, when our planet is facing a global pandemic and nobody knows what the world will look like tomorrow, our unity and success of our army is a guarantee of our sovereign security, Euro-Atlantic orientation with the USA, EU and NATO. Georgian army has a tremendous role to play in this regard. Everyone should remember that fight for the independence and unity of Georgia is not yet over, however this goal should be attained in a peaceful manner and effort”, - noted Giorgi Gakharia.

Head of Government of Georgia stressed the role of the defense forces of the country and announced that there is no greater honor than to selflessly serve one’s homeland.

“We should look forward on the grounds of our past, traditions and ancient history. Modern Georgian army serves as an excellent role model for every citizen of our country in various directions by demonstrating how mobilized, successful and effective we should be in serving our homeland. There is no greater honor than to selflessly serve one"s homeland. I congratulate you with the Independence Day and wish all of us to ultimately say that we have contributed our share in strengthening independence and unity of this country”, - concluded the Prime Minister of Georgia.