23 October 2020,   01:16
9 Georgian sailors released after 21 days of captivity

Nine Georgian sailors are now free after 21 days of captivity and will soon return to their homeland. Such a statement made today Tamar Ioseliani, the director of the Maritime Transport Agency.

“We congratulate our sailors on the release and we thank their family members who have shown exemplary calmness in this difficult situation, which has helped us work hard. The state used all its leverages and the sailors are now free after 21 days of captivity. It will be possible to return the sailors safely to the homeland in the coming days”, - she added.

Georgians sailors were kidnapped by pirates on April 30 and they were released late last night.

The ship is owned by a Greek company. As usual, pirates demand a ransom, though, the details of the negotiation will not be made public. Four other Georgian sailors, who managed to escape from the pirates, have already returned to Georgia and have been placed under quarantine.