23 October 2020,   01:16
Guria police solved case of murder in Chokhatauri municipality - one person detained

Police detained previously convicted Sh.J (DoB 1979) for premeditated murder. Committed crime envisages from 7 to 5 years of imprisonment.

Investigation established that on May 21, on the basis of conflict, detainee inflicted multiple injuries with a shot gun to his acquaintance A.K. (DoB 1993) in his own house and fled from the place of crime. The wounded person died at the place of crime due to the sustained traumas.

As a result of the operative-search and investigative activities, law enforcers managed to detain Sh.J. an hour later after the crime took place.

Investigation is in progress on the fact of premeditated murder, article 108 of the Criminal Code of Georgia.