06 December 2020,   06:09
The tourism industry after the end of the pandemic - the Prime Minister held a working meeting

The new regulations, the enforcement of which is mandatory in the tourism industry, the process of opening the economy, recommendations applying to various areas in this process, and the monitoring of their enforcement were discussed at the working meeting, which was held at the Administration of the Government under the leadership of the Prime Minister.

Representatives of relevant agencies discussed the specialized requirements imposed on the hotel sector, food and beverage facilities, and indoor and outdoor pools, which include disinfection standards, as well as social distancing, carrying out temperature screening, placing barriers, and other important preventive measures.

The standards that must be met by all entities operating in the tourism industry, including accommodation facilities, restaurant businesses, tourist transportation services, and tour guides will become public in the near future.

The rules for receiving international visitors and the mandatory documentation that tourists must have with them during their travels were discussed in detail at the working meeting with the prime minister. Attention was also paid to the standards of the equipment of international airports and strategically important border checkpoints.

Giorgi Gakharia issued specific instructions in connection with the mechanisms for the enforcement of mandatory regulations.

It was noted that strict compliance with the standards of safety is of the utmost importance as this will hinder the spread of the virus and allow the country to retain its successful indicators, which are the result of the joint and coordinated efforts of the authorities, public healthcare professionals, and the population.