06 December 2020,   05:39
The main evidence was removed and sealed from Giorgi Rurua in compliance with all the rules – the Prosecutor’s Office

The Prosecutor’s Office of Georgia states that the information spread by the defender of the interests of the accused Giorgi Rurua, as if the main evidence was not removed and sealed from Giorgi Rurua with a special package and in compliance with all the rules, is not true and serves to deliberately mislead the public.

We emphasize that the personal search of the defendant Giorgi Rurua was carried out by the law enforcers in an emergency and the firearm, removed as a result of the search, was placed in a package intended for storing evidence of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, which was sealed in accordance with all the rules established by law.

It should be noted that according to the conclusion of the expertise, the integrity of the seal on the special evidence package has not been violated. Experts will be questioned about this fact at further court hearings.