06 December 2020,   06:02
One killed, four wounded in conflict in Pankisi Gorge

One has been killed and four others wounded in the village of Sakobiani, Pankisi Gorge.

According to Kurieri, the confrontation between the Mutoshvilis and the Kavtarashvilis is likely to be linked to a conflict in the past, while another version suggests that the reason of conflict between the two families was the construction of a power plant.

As it known, Mutoshvili and Kavtarashvili fired at each other. The wounded have been hospitalized.

Dispute between villagers is going over Khadori 3 issue - whether to build a hydropower plant in Pankisi or not. Some families agree, some - don’t.

After permanent protests of the locals, the construction of Khadori 3 was suspended on April 21.