06 December 2020,   06:04
Bilateral relations, Russian aggression, NATO integration - Zalkaliani meets German counterpart

The Foreign Ministry of Georgia Davit Zalkaliani met in Berlin with his German counterpart Heiko Maas.

Ministers discussed bilateral relations, Russian aggression, NATO integration. According to Maas, Germany will continue to actively support and assist Georgia, as Georgia is our reliable and valuable partner in Europe.

“German relations with Georgia are very close and full of confidence. Georgia is a major contributor to the Afghan peacekeeping mission and the EU"s Eastern Partnership. Georgia is our reliable, stable and valuable partner in Europe. That is why we support Georgia"s European integration initiative and we want people in Georgia to feel these effects of European integration. We want first of all to strengthen our cooperation under the Free Trade Agreement so that to make it accessible for citizens. We will continue to support Georgia in the future”, - said German Minister.

Speaking of the ongoing processes in Georgia, Maas called on the parties to launch dialogue.

“We have been closely following the developments in Georgia and hope that the parties will find ways to resolve the issue through dialogue. If we can contribute to this process, we would be happy”, - concluded Mass.

“Today, when twenty percent of our territory is occupied by the Russian Federation and every day, we are witnessing how the barbed wire divides families and their property, the tireless aspiration of the German people to unite is a source of inspiration for us. Georgia is undergoing an illegal borderization process. A few weeks ago, a well-known Georgian doctor was kidnapped on the occupied territory for the simple reason that he was going to the occupied region to treat his patient”, - said David Zalkaliani.

He invited the German Foreign Minister to Tbilisi. Other important meetings were also held within the same visit, including with the President of the Bundestag.