06 December 2020,   05:50
Zurab Budagashvili, detained on June 20, blames law enforcement officers and Prosecutor"s Office in blackmail

Zurab Bugadashvili, detained during the June 20 protests, blames law enforcement officers and Prosecutor"s Office in blackmail.

According to him, he was being pressured in prison and prosecutors had forced him to testify against opposition leaders.
“I have been under pressure since the arrest. Two people came in and told me they were from the prosecutor’s office. I was told to name certain individuals like Okruashvili, Melia and Ugulava or I would be in trouble.

I started laughing, they got irritated and left the cell. I thought the Government was angry that is why I did not publicize the story, but on July 18 this actions repeated.

They entered the cell with fake names and surnames as prisoners, and told me the same things. Then on July 24, my brother was arrested, drugs were put in his possession. It was a signal that they were causing problems to me. They contacted my brother as well. I am under psychological pressure. They are now waiting for my confirmation as soon as I hand over the name the problem of my and my brother"s detention will no longer exist”, - said Bugadashvili.

Besik Tamliani and Zurab Budagashvili have been in custody for the fifth time.

Witnesses will be questioned at today’s trial. The Prosecutor’s Office will present the law enforcers to the court.

The process of detained on June 20 is underway at Tbilisi City Court.