24 November 2020,   02:08
The followers of Nariman Makarashvili physically abuse journalists

The Ministry of Internal Affairs has reportedly launched the investigation into an incident having occurred outside Father Nikoloz"s house.

The parish of Father Nikoloz has reportedly involved in altercation with the Imedi TV Company personnel, who were injured during the altercation and transported to the hospital.   
The incident took place in Zemo Ponichala when Imedi TV crew arrived to prepare a report.
According to Imedi, people met journalists and cameramen with aggression.
Some followers of Father Nikoloz think that journalists deserved beating since they prevented them from singing prayers. 

The investigation into the case has been launched under articles 126, 154 and 187 envisaging violent crimes, unlawfully preventing journalists from performing their professional duties and damaging or destroying other"s property.