17 January 2021,   08:04
GEL depreciates against dollar and euro - National Bank’s new rate

According to the currency exchange rate determined by the National Bank of Georgia, today 1 USA dollar exchange rate is GEL 2.9781. Yesterday $1 was possible to buy for GEL 2.9776. This means that GEL devalued by 0.0005 against dollar.

1 Euro costs GEL 3.3000, while yesterday the rate was GEL 3.2956. Consequently, GEL has dropped in value by 0.0044 points against euro.
GEL also depreciated to the British pound. According to official figures, the cost of 1 pound sterling is GEL 3.8549 and the current exchange rate is GEL 3.8444.
As for Turkish lira, its official value is 0.5229 GEL.
The exchange rate set today will be effective from November 22.