29 November 2020,   21:49
Do you want a war of padlocks? - Gotsiridze padlocks Parliament’s plenary hall

The Chairman of the National Movement faction Roman Gotsiridze has sealed the plenary hall of the Parliament.

As he said, after the dispersal of the peaceful picket, the Speaker of the Parliament made a shameful performance in the bureau room.

"No one will forgive Ivanishvili and the Georgian Dream the violence against people. No matter how much force they use, this Parliament is a padlocked Parliament. The plenary session will not be held here. The National Movement faction is boycotting the plenary session and we will not allow Ivanishvili and his bankrupt team to slander people and not pass he laws demanded by people. Do you want a war of padlocks? You will get it. These sheep, these majoritarians who are now voicing the initiatives agreed with Ivanishvili, cannot enter this parliament”, - said Gotsiridze.