24 November 2020,   02:51
"It is your shame that he sits here ..." - Levan Gogichaishvili and Dachi Beraia confront each other while listening to Mikautadze

During the hearing of the candidate for the Supreme Court Giorgi Mikautadze another confrontation happened in the Parliament.

Majority member Dachi Beraia challenged independent MP Levan Gogichaishvili when he demanded to give Vato Shakarashvili the opportunity to ask question. Second independent MP Levan Koberidze demanded the same.

"The fact that he is sitting here is your personal shame", - said Gogichaishvili to Beraia.

The statement of Dachi Beraia that these hearing should not resemble a circus was followed by a noise. Because of this the sitting was delayed for several minutes.