25 September 2021,   16:07
Did Gakharia agree with Bakhtadze the usage of bullets against the protesters?- Prime Minister did not answer the question

Did Gakharia agree with Bakhtadze the usage of bullets to disperse the demonstrators? - Prime Minister did not answer the question of Rustavi 2"s TV anchor. Mamuka Bakhtadze in reply to Eka Kvesitadze"s question whether the Interior Minister would obey the Prime Minister of Georgia said that any minister is naturally obedient to the Prime Minister of Georgia.
Mamuka Bakhtadze tried to justify the raid and named as the reason the aggression of rally participants. According to him, during several hours the violence against policemen was taking place. He imposed responsibility on the developments on June 20-21 on Mikheil Saakashvili and members of the "National Movement".
The events were changing with lightning speed, and some attacks were made on our police. If you evaluate objectively, you will see what was going on. Several attacks were carried out when the passive cordon, which stood for several hours, could not stop this aggression, the police were forced to use legitimate force. The fact that our police were not planning the raid and no such assignment was given was confirmed by the fact that for several hours when our policemen were physically assaulted, the police did not use force. The police have the right to make this decision instantly when this cordon can not provide security, the police and the health of the policemen are in danger, "Bakhtadze said.
According to him, nobody in the government, as well as in the political team, is "glued to chairs".
"I"m making a decision about Giorgi Gakharia. Giorgi"s value system and morality is well known to society.The political responsibility for what happened is imposed on convicted by Saakashvili who planned all this and people who called for attack and used the objective and fair emotions of our citizens. As for the activities of the MIA, we say yes and agree with the public that in separate cases, individual law enforcement officers have used excessive force. Our approach is to analyze this and present the results to the Georgian society. You will want to impose on Giorgi Gakharia the responsibility that should be imposed on the representatives of the National Movement, "Mamuka Bakhtadze said.