25 September 2021,   16:39
30 thousand bail and bans - Nika Melia is preparing to continue the fight

30 thousand GEL bail - Nika Melia is free. The court did not satisfy the prosecution"s motion and imposed bail on one of the leaders of the National Movement.
Nika Melia will pay 30 thousand GEL within 20 days. The court also imposed prohibitions for Nika Melia. He is prohibited to make statements at public places, leave the residence and communicate with the witnesses.
Nika Melia should hand over the identity card and passport to investigative authorities. The preliminary hearing was held on August 14. Melia is accused of organizing and participating in group violence.
Nika Melia is convinced that his release is linked to the pressure which the society and the international community have put on the "Georgian Dream". He said that Ivanishvili wanted his detention yesterday, but today he was forced to release him.
Nika Melia"s lawyer says that today"s decision was justified and the judge took into account the view of citizens.
Leaders of the opposition parties are also talking about people"s influence. According to Tamar Kordzaia, one of the leaders of the Republican Party, Bidzina Ivanishvili has already forced the MPs to prove their slavery and today he has mocked them with this decision.
Gigi Ugulava addresses the lawmakers who supported the suspension of immunity for Nika Melia. According to the member of "European Georgia", they should be upset with their unconditional obedience to Ivanishvili.