25 September 2021,   16:35
This MP was leading the army in order to seize the parliament - Gia Volski is angry about his colleagues

The ruling team is angry with fellow party members - those, who did not support a decision, to suspend Nika Melia"s mandate. These MPs are : Mariam Jashi, Bidzina Gegidze, Roman Kakulia and Aleksandre Erkvaia.

The ruling party will discuss if they will be expelled from the party.

Gia Volsky says openly that the ruling team had a decision before the session and it seems to him, that a small number of MPs did not understand the issue.

"We made a decision that MPs do not have more immunity than ordinary people, especially if this MP leads the army... I am convinced that our colleagues did not understand it and if they did, but still had a differend decision, we will discuss it as well,"- said Gia Volski.