25 September 2021,   15:53
The opposition is destructive, it is not even inadequate to talk about the governmental plan - Mamuka Mdinaradze

Now the talk about the governmental plan will be inadequate - the members of the parliamentary majority try to explain the reason why the Prime Minister refused to address the Parliament today.

According to Mamuka Mdinaradze, the opposition is destructive and considering current developments, Mamuka Bakhtadze"s arrival to the legislative body and discussing the government program will be inadequate.

According to Mdinaradze, Bakhtadze will come to the parliament when there will be a chance for peaceful discussion.

"These days we see only the destruction from the opposition. They are trying to strain the situation. They did not even protect Nika Melia yesterday. Discussing government programs and various details can be even inadequate, "Mamuka Mdinaradze said.