25 September 2021,   16:49
They are starting a confrontation and political persecution - Sergo Ratiani

"They are starting a confrontation and political persecution," Sergo Ratiani, a member of the European Union, said after the bureau"s session.
Sergo Ratiani responds to the prosecutor"s statement. The Prosecutor’s Office has already informed the Georgian legislative body about bringing criminal charges against a member of the Parliament and applied to it for a consent to use imprisonment against the defendant.
Ratiani says the government looks helpless. According to the MP, the government is afraid of peaceful protests and says that the fight continues.
"This is a resolution on Nika Melia"s detention and the present government is behaving shamefully, they are afraid of peaceful protests, they are afraid of organized society, they are afraid that the broader public circles express their protest. They are starting a confrontation and political persecution, we will continue our struggle and continue fighting for a new Georgia, "Ratiani said.