25 September 2021,   16:01
Who did not intend to arrive, on the contrary, decided to arrive - the Federation of hotels and restaurants speaks about Putin"s embargo

Georgian business is trying to take retaliatory steps against the Russian economic embargo. The founder of the Hotel and Restaurant Federation states that another Putin"s embargo will mainly damage the Black Sea, as most of the Russian tourists rested in Adjara. As for Tbilisi and Eastern Georgia, Shalva Alaverdashvili said that in this part of the country mostly low-cost Russian tourists were resting.
The head of the federation says he has communicated with Russian tour operators who have a willingness to pay more money and bring Russian tourists to rest in Georgia. According to him, the federation is trying to diversify the market in order to bring European and Asian tourists to Georgia apart from Russian tourists.
"The segment is changing, on the contrary, those people who can not pay more and pay a lower price, they actually obey their so-called" king"s order. The segment who has higher income, on the contrary, say that they will come and even if they did not intend to arrive in Georgia, now have decided to arrive in Georgia. As well as in the case of wine, we will improve the quality of service. On the basis of competition and diversification we will be more diversified in the markets, "said Shalva Alaverdashvili and noted that booking of hotels from different countries has already started and this number increases. We remind you that by Putin"s decree, flights were banned in Georgia. He also ordered the return of Russian tourists back in Georgia.