24 October 2020,   04:24
Police Mobilized in Ninoshvili Street - Supporters of Vasadze Demand Sealing of "Tbilisi Pride" Office

The police are mobilized in Nino Ramishvili Street, where the office of "Tbilisi Pride" is located. Patrol police officers, as well as representatives of criminal police are present at the site. Special protection and mobilization of the police became necessary after the supporters of Levan Vasadze arrived at the place.
The crowd are trying to enter the office, but the police do not allow them to do so. Law enforcers have arranged the cordon.
" We are not abusers. We came to protest against this perversion nest, where Georgia`s destabilization plans are brewed from abroad. Funding of this idea and their activities comes from foreign countries, "said Levan Chachua, the chairman of the political movement" Georgian Idea ".
The protesters call on the law enforcers to seal the office of "Tbilisi Pride".
"We ask the government to shut down the stagnant and destabilizing nest. We protect our children from harmful influences and nobody can tell me that propaganda is not harmful to children. That"s what they do, "- said Guram Palavandishvili.
The clergy are also present on Ninoshvili Street, who have not commented on the media yet. They say that the official statement will be released later. As for the office of "Tbilisi Pride" itself, it is closed for now and nobody is in the building.