25 July 2021,   20:43
Government launches another attack against Burchuladze - somebody is calling European theaters and saying that the world bass is a swindler

The government launched a new attack against Paata Burchuladze. In all the theaters of Europe where Paata Burchuladze"s concerts are held, anonymous phone calls were made. A stranger who introduces himself as a journalist tells the theater representatives that Paata Burchuladze is a swindler and that the investigation is going on in Georgia and he is facing 11 years of imprisonment.
The Prosecutor"s Office of Georgia has received the letter of the biggest Association of World Stars. The director of Asconas Holt writes to Tadumadze that campaign against Paata Burchuladze in Europe has reached an unprecedented scale so the director of theAsconas Holt asks for explanations if Burchuladze is guilty and misappropriated the money allocated for the charity then for a year and 9 months the Prosecution has found nothing. In the extended letter, the World Artists Union asks the General Prosecutor of Georgia to answer specific questions. Whether the criminal offense is found in the activity carried out by charitable foundation "Iavnana" and whether or not Burchuladze was guilty. Paata Burchuladze is sure that the campaign against him started at Bidzina Ivanishvili"s order.
"How can Bidzina Ivanishvilifrighten me. I"m not against Bidzina Ivanishvili, I"m against the whole government fulfilling his whims. Georgia is to be saved. Who is Bidzina Ivanishvili, what does he present? I support all parties that are against the "Dream" because the "Dream" is destructive and harmful, "Paata Burchuladze said.
Prosecutor"s Office got interested in the activity and finances of Iavnana in 2017, but for one year and nine months, the investigation failed to find any criminal signs in the activities of the foundation.