25 July 2021,   18:41
There should be some red lines - Tsulukiani speaks about regulations regarding hate speech

We saw that the men and women were using hate speech against the female candidates in the last year"s elections, the Minister of Justice said to the journalists. Tea Tsulukiani was attending the meeting on the electoral system in the parliament.
The Minister believes that regulations should be worked out as a result of some kind of approach to combat hate speech. According to her, there should be some red lines to decide what statement can be made in the name of freedom of expression.
"For many years, we see in the country that the electoral process is accompanied by emotions and one of these emotions is the most problematic use of hate speech in relation to different candidates, and often the language of hatred is even more striking. When a candidate is a woman. We have seen that men and women used hate speech against a woman in last year"s elections. I do not think that if there are regulations that have been developed as a result of a carefully cautious approach and balance between the rights of the person and the freedom of expression it will be a problem, on the contrary, it should be done to have some red lines, that can not be crossed even in the name of freedom of expression, "- said the minister.