25 July 2021,   19:15
The threat of energy dependence on Russia Economy Minister says the purpose of acquisition of Russian gas is to create competition

The US-Georgia Strategic Partnership Conference was held in the USA. The meeting was opened by the Prime Minister. In the first part of the conference, David Zalkaliani, the head of the Foreign Ministry participated. In the second part Natia Turunava, the Minister of Economy. The minister was asked a question at the conference. A citizen of Georgia living in the United States asked her what the government offers to investors in the conditions when there is informal governance in the country, there is no court and problems are Georgia"s energy independence.
"According to the last deal signed by Gazprom, there is almost no energy independence. When there is no justice and we have an informal manager, a feudal who owns the court and the government, how can we call on investing in our country? "- Nino Mukulashvili said.
According to her, Natia Turanava did not provide a concrete answer to her question. The minister later said that there is no danger of Georgia"s energy dependence on Russian.