17 October 2021,   04:30
Elections, Rule of Law and Judiciary System - The American Diplomats send the message to the Government of Georgia

After the US Secretary of State"s strong message, US diplomats and senators mention the importance of holding the 2020 elections fairly.

The statements were made at the Institute for Peace in Washington, where the Independence Day of Georgia was held.

High officials and diplomats of the US administration attended the reception. In the interview with the "Courier", they expressed unwavering support for Georgia and spoke about the challenges, including democracy, which Georgia has. The Assistant Secretary of State stated that it is important that the 2020 elections be held by Western standards.

"Following last year"s presidential election, the OSCE Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights published recommendations on behalf of all OSCE member states in the name of OSCE. There are elections in Georgia in 2020 and I think it will be another opportunity for Georgia to demonstrate that it operates according to the standards of the organization that it wants to join -these are the EU and NATO, "said George Kent.
Diplomat Bill Courtney, who was the US Ambassador in Georgia, believes the main challenge is the rule of law and judicial independence.
"The supremacy of the law is critical not only for integrating the political system but also critical to attracting investments. Georgia has attracted little investment because the rule of law is not strong and the court system does not have the necessary integration. Perhaps these issues are number one, "said Julia Courtney.
Prime Minister Bakhtadze talked about the relationship with the United States and the issue of national security at the reception which was held in Washington on the occasion of the Independence Day of Georgia.