25 July 2021,   19:18
Majoritarian elections should be abolished - opposition`s ultimatum to the government

The ultimatum of the opposition - opposition demands to abolish the majoritarian elections. The group working on electoral reform has this request. If the ruling team does not leave the proportional system for the 2020 parliamentary elections, the opposition will boycott this format of meetings.
"On behalf of 20 political parties and movements, we have a proposal to initiate a group in the Parliament for elaborating a full-fledged proposal for the 2020 elections. Other changes that can be made by Kobakhidze"s group may be cosmetic, if they do not change the fundamental rules of the game that are in place that can guarantee fair elections in our country, there will not be a consensus and maybe the opposition parties will decide not to participate in this game, It"s too early to talk about it. However, we see how much the government is unwilling to carry out a real reform of the electoral system, "said Tina Bokuchava.
Giorgi Akhvlediani, a member of the "United Georgia - Democratic Movement", hopes that the ruling team will take this step and change the electoral system. The MPs who have gone to protest since the majority has not invited them to take part in the discussion, blame the chairman of the parliament in violation of the Rules of Procedure