25 July 2021,   18:42
" They must tell the public how much money the" Georgian Dream "puts in its pocket" - Opposition prepares for debates in parliament

The members of "European Georgia" are preparing to meet with the Deputy Minister of Finance. They will discuss with Giorgi Kakauridze the hard economic situation in the country.
The opposition is interested to learn from the Deputy Minister, how the 2018 budget was fulfilled. As they say, there are many so-called black holes, from which the budget money goes to the pockets of high-ranking officials.
The session is likely to be held in the mode of acute debates, as another issue will be new regulations set by the government for businessmen.
"They should tell the public how much money the Georgian Dream has put in its pocket and how it diminishes the welfare of the country. The second acute topic is the so-called Golden List. The complication of regulation in business is the main source of problems for business, "said Zurab Tchiaberashvili. The leader of the parliamentary majority states that the conclusions and trends that will emerge in the expenditure of the 2019 budget will be included in the draft budget of 2020. According to Archil Talakvadze, special attention will be paid to education in the 2020 budget.