25 July 2021,   19:25
It is impossible to achieve a fair and equal election environment if we do not go to the fully proportional system - NGOs

The meeting will also be attended by the heads of NGOs. Although the format is not yet known, the civil sector is going to talk about deficiencies in the electoral system, including party financing and administrative resources. NGOs think that the meeting will be focused on important issues.
"Fair and equal election environment will be impossible for the 2020 elections if the electoral system is not changed and we will not go to the proportional system," said Elene Nizharadze, deputy director of the International Society for Fair Elections and Democracy.
Levan Natroshvili, the manager of Transparency International Georgia program, also considers the proportional system to be decisive for the future elections. He also focuses on other issues, which as he said should be replaced in today"s electoral model.
"We are in agreement with the fact that we welcome the transition to the proportional electoral system and look forward to 2020 and not 2024. The change of the rule of the composition of election commissions is very important in our opinion and a number of regulations also require fundamental changes in terms of funding political parties," says Levan Natroshvili.