24 November 2020,   02:52
A large-scale special operation against Georgian citizens - Emigrants detained in some cities of Israel

Large-scale detentions of Georgian citizens - The Immigration Service and Criminal Police have conducted a joint operation simultaneously in several cities.

Detained citizens who have no right to stay in the country are taken to prisons. Israeli authorities accuse them of being illegally in the country.

Georgian immigrants who have not been detained release a video of the special operation. The video shows an empty working space. As they say, law enforcers detained some of the Georgians, who are in Israel illegally at work . According to them, only Georgians face problems.

As they say the detained Georgians are not deported. Immigrants are transferred to prisons instead of the Service Department, where conditions are severe and they may have to stay there for months.

According to Georgian emigrants, the Embassy of Georgia does not react to the arrests . Emigrants say the reason for these detentions is the statements of Georgian officials that Georgia is a safe country.

"The facts of deportation have increased. The reason is that as they believe, Georgia is a safe country and they tell us, we have to return to our state,"- says one of the emigrants.

"Courier" contacted the Embassy of Georgia in Israel, where they refrain from commenting. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia confirms that the detention of citizens in Israel is underway, but they say it is a planned raid carried out by the Israeli authorities.