03 August 2020,   18:51
Voter Bribing, Intimidation and Abduction of Voters - Opposition Demands International Observers to Monitor Elections

Opposition demands international observers to attend the elections. Leaders believe that this is the only method that will disrupt the Georgian Dream"s violent plan. The main evidence of this plan was introduced to foreign diplomats today.

The scandalous secret record, broadcasted by Rustavi 2 was once again performed in the central office of United Opposition.

Leaders of the party explained to the representatives of embassies that the team of Ivanishvili starts the dangerous game.

In the recording an MP from Georgian Dream says that from the central office, they were ordered to kidnap, abuse and intimidate voters in order to ensure that Georgian Dream wins elections.

The opposition today asked the Diplomatic Corps to monitor polling stations. International observers will not observe the midterm elections due to its small scale.