03 August 2020,   19:17
"Georgian Dream" Activist and Police Officer from Tsalenjikha - "Courier" identified those who attacked Sandra Roelofs

"Courier" has identified the names of those people who attacked Sandra Roelofs yesterday. The attackers have not yet been arrested, even though they can be identified by the footage shot during the confrontation.
According to the "Courier", agent provocateurs were brought from different districts in Zugdidi to disrupt Sandra Roelof` s TV interview. Oleg Pipia is a resident of Tsalenjikha. Another attacker, Melor Mikava, is a former policeman from Tsalenjikheli as well.Investigation has detained only one person Gela Kvaratskhelia after yesterday"s incident. As to the persons involved in the incident, all of them were convicted in the past .
In Tsalenjikha they say that Oleg Pipia and Melor Mikava were involved in the pre-election campaign in favor of "Georgian Dream".