03 August 2020,   19:25
Davit Gareji disputed territory - Azerbaijan released a statement

A few minutes ago, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Azerbaijan issued a statement on the negotiations held in Baku on Davit Gareji Monastery Complex. Deputy Ministers of Azerbaijan and Georgia discussed the delimitation of the state border between the two countries. The statement does not say anything about details of the negotiations between Khalaf Khalafov and Lasha Darsalia. The publication notes that the discussion on this section of the border will continue at a meeting next week.
"As it is known, the border between Azerbaijan and Georgia had been determined still in the USSR period of time. Following the independence of the two countries, relevant State Commissions on delimitation and demarcation of the state border between Azerbaijan and Georgia were established and 11 meetings of the Commissions were held so far. Within the framework of this process, an agreement was reached on the delimitation of the main portion of the 480 km Azerbaijani-Georgian border. At present, work on the remaining 166 km sections is underway at the experts level," the statement reads.