04 August 2020,   20:28
Petrol price increased by 15 tetri - experts advise the authorities to cut excise taxes

In the last two weeks petrol price has increased by almost 15 tetri. Prices for other oil products have increased as well and are as follows: The price of premium is 2 lari and 60 tetri. Regular is 2 lari 45 tetri.
Fuel is the main source of inflation, and the rise of petrol price is usually followed by an increase in prices of other goods.
Specialists link increase of fuel prices to the increased price of oil products at the international market and say that the price of gasoline at non branded gas stations is much higher.
"Prices have increased on average by 15 Tetri at branded stations. At non branded petrol stations the increase is even more. Prices increase is connected to the fact that in recent months international prices on oil products have significantly increased, "said Vano Mtvralashvili, chairman of the Union of Oil Products Importers.
Expert Economist Akaki Tsomaia also speaks about the growth of international prices. The expert speaks about the solution and says that the state can settle the price at the expense of excise tax. According to Akaki Tsomaia, in this case the fuel price will not increase.