29 October 2020,   05:56
Nino Nizharadze"s defense side agrees with Nika Gvaramia"s proposal to take the dispute to international arbitration

Nino Nizharadze"s defense side is ready to agree with Rustavi 2 Director General"s proposal and take the case to the international arbitration. The attorney named as the reason for filing the claim lack of communication with the TV company"s leadership. According to him, 9 percent shareholder did not receive answers to the questions from the channel administration and the only way for her was the court.
"If this is not just a statement for public then we agree to take the case to any arbitration be it in Georgia or abroad. Any question will be examined and monitored on any tribunal The aim is certainly not the court, did not go to court to answer our letters have been addressed to "Rustavi 2" , "- said Mrs. Nijaradze`s lawyer, Giorgi Kavlashvili.
Tamta Muradashvili, the lawyer of the broadcasting company Rustavi 2, calls Nizharadze"s lawyer`s statement a lie and states that the plaintiffs did not have a problem with communications. According to Muradashvili, Nizharadze"s defense creates artificial barriers.