03 August 2020,   19:37
Informal Governance and Growing Signs of State- Capture - Influential NGOs name main problem of the country

Informal governance and growing signs of state capture - influential Georgian NGOs name the country"s main problems.
They think that this problem may significantly damage the country"s Euro-Atlantic future and its security. Heads of NGOs brought from Tbilisi to Washington critical questions.
The American side has said once again that a strong basis of democracy is needed for the security of Georgia.
The head of the Marshall Fund, Jonathan Cathy, told Courier that Georgia is taking steps towards NATO and Georgian military contribute to the world"s security, but NATO is not only a security but an alliance of democratic values.
The NGO sector claims that the 2018 presidential election was a deviation from the democratic path, the judicial reforms are unsuccessful, and some of the judges are members of the clan and are against progressive initiatives.
At the meeting, the heads of influential Georgian NGOs discussed with the American analysts the facts of the attack on Georgian civil society  by the Government .They noted that the "Dream" team not only attacked Georgian NGOs, but also have an impulsive reaction, accusing Freedom House and Human Rights Watch of mistakes