27 October 2021,   17:41
Attack on Independent Expert Nona Mikhelidze - Criticism of "Georgian Dream" leads to attacks and blackmail

Independent expert Nona Mikhelidze has been threatened by anonymous Internet users for five days already.

The Georgian researcher of the Institute for International Relations became an object of attack by fake customers in social network after she presented a critical report on Georgia in the European Parliament and dedicated one chapter of the report to Bidzina Ivanishvili"s informal governance.

Nona Mikhelidze sent photos of fake Faceook accounts, which were created three days ago to the European Parliament.

The photo is a picture of Mikhelidze and Mikheil Saakashvili, but the photo is fake.

The Georgian researcher says that after a critical report on the Georgian government, she is accused of dealing with the opposition and they are trying to reinforce this version through such photos.

Following the publication of the acute report, the parliamentary majority sent an official letter to the European Parliament and expressed doubts about the facts brought in the report of the Eurasia Program Director of the Rome International Institute for International Relations.

In the letter forwarded by the European Parliamentarians to Nona Mikhelidze, MPs are protesting against the record on religious minorities only, but they do not deny the pressure of the media and the judiciary.

The attack on Nona Mikhelidze is carried out by those websites, which have been used for discrediting the opposition for years already.