26 February 2020,   10:09
40 new buses added to Tbilisi – they will operate on 8 routes

Forty new buses will operate in Tbilisi. Kakha Kaladze, the Mayor of the capital, presented Isuzu buses.

“Eight meters long, euro six-standard buses will distribute over eight routes from January 23. 40 more Isuzu buses will be added to Tbilisi shortly.

“We have started a very important reform. This is the regulation and upgrading of public transport. For me and my teammates, moving to the city by public transport and giving up their own car is one of the most important directions.

We will have additional buses, so that the problems that we have in certain areas where public transport is not moving or we have to wait a long time, all these problems will be resolved”, - said Kakha Kaladze.

The new buses will operate on the following routes: N17 - Crossing Bridge - Mukhiani fourth District, N27 - Station Square - Vashlijvari Settlement, N40 - Varketili – Isani, N45 - Akhmeteli Theater Subway station - Village Gldani, N60 - Crossing Bridge - Grmaghele Metro Station, N62 - Station Square - Sea District Settlement, N73 - Akhmeteli Theater Subway station – Gldanula, N99 - Delisi metro station - Nutsubidze"s fourth micro District.