29 January 2020,   21:36
Opposition to register new model of electoral system in Parliament

The opposition registered a new bill based on the German electoral system model in the Parliament. After registration, the bill will be submitted to the Bureau for the further consideration.

The opposition claims that the draft goes hand in hand with the Georgian Constitution while the ruling party considers this option unconstitutional.

According to them, they will take into account the recommendations of the OSCE / ODIHR. The draft will be sent to the international organization by Public Defender after the bill is officially registered in the Parliament.

As Sergi Kapanadze, a member of the European Parliament, said, this bill is the solution of the existing political crisis.

“This is a project that envisages reform of the electoral system. It incorporates the German principle, which requires that all parties be represented in parliament in such a way as they received proportional votes from the population. It also implies multi-mandate majoritarian constituencies. The author of this document is 30 political forces and their representatives. There is complete consensus on the opposition wing and now the ball is on the pitch of the Georgian Dream. If they want to find a way out of this political crisis, this is the solution”, - said Sergi Kapanadze.